The designer – Akhhilesh Pahwa, is the man behind the designer label – Akhilesh Pahwa. Currently headquartered in New Delhi, the label is also present in Dubai, UAE and Melbourne, Australia. Akhilesh Pahwa is a young name in the luxury fashion industry but in a career that has expanded just over half a decade, he has achieved what most designers don’t in a lifestyle.

An alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi – Akhhilesh had humble beginnings. Initially, on entering the fashion world, he was part of the herd that dreamt of changing the industry and creating a mark in the fashion industry. However, after years of sleepless nights and an immense amount of hard work he decided to step into the world of fashion and placed himself at the apex of graceful seasonal collections. Akhhilesh has received immense appreciation for his glamorous ensembles using traditional colors, craftsmanship, textures and embroideries. Celebrities all over the world have graced his designs – some of whom have become extremely regular visitors to update their wardrobe.

Akhhilesh has also been present on various runways all across the world including all major fashion weeks in India as well as displayed his signature collections on various global events, including the iconic Rod Laver Arena in Australia.

According to Akhhilesh, inspiration has no recipe. Sometimes he pens down his ideas on a sheet of paper at one in the night and sometimes when he wakes from a cat nap at two in the afternoon, he has an idea for a very specific customer. It’s the zeal of never ending dreams and immense toil that reflects in his every finished product – much like every other artist in his or her own domain.

The Indian Fashion Industry is still emerging on the global stage and being part of this transformation brings a sense of responsibility that inspires Akhhilesh to create better and more refined products for his clients. Akhhilesh's approach over the years has not just been to become another fashion brand for people, but to provide a complete fashion solution to his clients – which is high end and can hold its own at any global stage.