The Indian wedding season is synonymous with high-end style. Boutiques and bespoke designers are kept busy as the needs and fancies of the wedding family evolves. It is essential to have a signature outfit for every occasion whether it is the Sangeet, Cocktail or Wedding. From Sherwanis for the big day to color coordinated Nehru Jackets for the big reception, our designs are made keeping individual style in mind.

At Akhilesh Pahwa, every outfit has a touch of Akhilesh's signature designs blended with fresh fabrics and masterful craftsmanship. Akhilesh has revolutionized the dressing style for Indian men by mixing a unique, quintessentially flamboyant element with standard Indian and Western outfits.

Whatever mix of outfits you want, with regional Indian flavors, our design sensibilities will synergize with yours and create a result that doesn’t disappoint you on your big day. The designs you see here are just the tip of the iceberg, we are waiting to show you many more at our showroom.


Nothing speaks more elegantly than the preferred weapon of choice of the Indian Alpha Male – a well-designed suit. You’ve probably experienced bad fitting suits but that’s only the first thing we fix. Whether it is the age-old classic double-breasted suit jacket or the modern single-buttoned lapel, Akhhilesh Pahwa is your man for every occasion. We have perfected the art of Structured and Fitted silhouettes to make you look slim, tall and dapper.

One of the first designers in Delhi to comfortably play with new-age prints and graphics on suits, if you have an experimental side, we can style you to turn heads like no one can. From bright summer colors to gracious floral print suits – our regular customers have turned into style benchmarks in their community.
If there is one thing that Italians have taught us, it is that a good suit never goes out of style. Redefining class, elegance and status, Akhilesh Pahwa is a purveyor of fine clothing for gentlemen. In pursuit of excellence, Akhilesh Pahwa stands for precision craftsmanship that translates his designs into clothing classics for men. Get ready for this experience.


When you want to step out looking fashionable remember that attention to detail is key to creating a masterpiece. While the clothes you put on, correctly paired, will get the job done – that’s not what makes the ultimate head-turner. Picking up the right shoes and knowing what to pair them with is as important as knowing which watch strap looks best with your suit.

Pocket Squares, Ties and Cuff-links are an independent fashion category themselves as the right set of these can make the same Black or Blue suit look entirely different on every day of the week. Akhilesh is here not just to sell you a made-to-measure piece of clothing but also fulfill the role of an overall fashion consultant and stylist – ensuring the results are truly transformative.


From the perspective of a regular buyer, buying a suit or a shirt looks pretty straightforward. But this is just when you are beginning to scrape the surface. The true fashion connoisseur knows when to adorn the cashmere blazer over the woolen one and when to swap cotton for linen. Fabrics are everything and knowing what you are dressing for is as important as knowing who’s going to be checking you out.

Right from the measurements to the fabric selection, followed by the cuts, fittings and finishing – each step has its own importance. A suit like that, where personalization happens at every step, can do wonders for your confidence, wherever you choose to wear it. The best suits can only be made from best fabrics. So, a suit should not only be chosen for its superior fit or luxurious touch – but also for the fabric which it is crafted in. We stock the biggest brands from all over the world, sourced from the corners of Europe, Asia and the Americas and we have just the right one waiting for you.